Useful information

Booking directly through our website  you can get the best rate and the most convenient offer!

You can book at Hotel Cima Rosetta in 3 different WAYS.
Feel free to choose the booking method that best suits to you!


ON-LINE booking is the easiest and faster method to book your holiday.
After visiting our website and having gathered all the information you need on our OFFERS PAGE, and once you have checked whether there is an interesting offer that can be booked directly, just click on link PRICES on the right side of the box to check the availability of the chosen room.


On our website you will find offers and promotional tariffs which can be booked exclusively through our booking engine.
Not all extra services or special bonus are guaranteed if you book through OTA .
Booking conditions for each type of room are published on the right column by clicking the button Sales Conditions and Cancellation Policy 


You can send an email to info@hotelcimarosetta.it and ask for the information you need or to check booking availability.


You can send call us at +39 0439 768622 and ask for the information you need or to check booking availability.

You will receive a booking confirmation via email and then you’ll be requested to send a deposit of 100% of the first night or 50% of the entire package, depending on what kind of booking you have chosen.


Cassa Rurale Valli di Primiero e Vanoi filiale di San Martino di Castrozza (TN)

CODICE IBAN: IT 72 D081  4005  6150  0002  5020  963

(bic/swift CC RT IT 2T 38A)


You just need to communicate us the number of the card and its expiry date.

For further information or bookings please call as at tel no. +39 0439-768622.


Sales conditions and cancellation policy

Holiday packages and special offers

Our holiday packages have very competitive prices, include some bonus or exclusive extras and are connected with early booking , which means that the soonest you book, the best rate you get!

When you confirm your booking, we require 50% of the holiday package price as a deposit.
Bookings can be cancelled until 14 days before arrival. You will receive an email through our internal system or directly from our Staff and in this case you will not loose your deposit but we will keep it for further 6 months.
If bookings are cancelled from 14 days before the arrival date and the arrival day, the deposit will be kept by the Hotel as compensation.
In case of no-show or early departures the total amount of the booking will be debited.

Special Conditions

These conditions apply to all the bookings other than our holiday packages.

100% of the first night room rate will be required as deposit when you confirm your booking.
– In case of cancellation or modifications until 7 days before the arrival date, 100% of the first night room rate will be kept as compensation.
– In case of cancellation or modifications after 7 days before the arrival date, or in case of no-shows, 100% of the entire stay will be debited.